British East Florida


de Solis, Juan Diaz (1471-1516)


This map was an inset on a plan of St. Augustine based on his survey and the original is in the Library of Congress. This reproduction was made by Landmark Map Company. The north border is about at its present location (31° north latitude) and the Apalachicola River is shown as the border between East and West Florida. Of interest are the names Tampa Bay and the names of some of the Keys; West, Honda, Matacomb, Largo and Lake George on the St. Johns River. Near the present day location of Miami is a notation “Fresh Water Spring” in a rock on shore” which probably refers to what was later called the Devil’s Punchbowl on the coast of Biscayne Bay. At that time the water level in the Everglades was 6-8 feet higher than it now is and fresh water bubbled up along the coast.
Juan de Solis was Spanish Pilot Major, explorer and navigator in the Caribbean and South America. He is the one who made the first Spanish chart of the South America coast & discovered the Rio de la Plata which separates Uruguay from Argentina. Unfortunately, he died there at the river. He lived in St. Augustine for nearly 20 years.


Image: Landmark Map Co. reproduction from Library of Congress.
References: Tooley and History of Cartography

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