Carta Rapresentante la Peninsola de la Florida


Pazzi, Guiseppe; Scacciati, Andrea


This map was published in Mareo Coltellini’s Il Gazzettiere Americano in Livorno, Italy in 1763. This Italian publication was a translation of The American Gazetteer, printed for Andrew Miller in London in 1762. Some of the maps in that publication were engraved by John Gibson. The Italian map was engraved by Pazzi and Scacciati. It shows Florida extending north to the upper border and maybe beyond to include an area labeled “Alibamous.” There is a northeast border with Carolina along the Flint River and a border with Georgia along the “Alatamaha” River. The borders predate the 1763 publication date and suggest Spanish influences as well as its western border at the Mississippi River. The interior shows some forts and many rivers. Various lakes are along the eastern and central part of the peninsula, some of which are connected to a river resembling the St. Johns with its mouth at S. Agostino. The label “Muspa” at the lower western coast refers to the Calusa Indian Village (and Chief) even though at this time the Calusa Indians no longer dominated the area.


Image scanned from a reproduction in a private collection.
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