c. 1523


Turin Map




The New World in this map shows a very accurate relationship and image of all of the aspects of the Caribbean Sea and especially the West Indies, Hispanola, Cuba, Jamaica, South America, Central America, Yucatan (as a peninsula), the Gulf of Mexico and there is also a blank space. East of this in its proper relation to Cuba is a fairly accurately shaped peninsula labeled Isla Florida (Island of Florida) with only the lower portion drawn and nothing above it. If the date is correct (which it probably is not) this would be the first map to show the Florida peninsula properly labeled, shaped or positioned -- except for the Freducci map which is a manuscript portolan chart. Tierra del Fuego and the Straight of Magellan are shown but not labeled so it was probably done after Juan Sebastian Del Cano's return from the Magellan voyage around the world.

The sources of the map information seem to be a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese and maybe other authentic sources.


Image scanned from a reproduction in a private collection and also in Harrisse (1969).

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