Pas Kaart van de Boght van Florida met de Canaal Tusschen Florida en Cuba, etc.


van Keulen, Gerard (1678-1726)


This map was first published in 1680 in van Keulen's 5 volume Zee Atlas and re-issued until 1729. This image is probably from 1710 or later.

This large copper engraving (24 x 36 in.) is oriented with north to the left. The west coast of Florida and southern tip and Keys and Panhandle are shown, but the east coast is blocked by insets of the Bahia de Matanças, and Havana, Cuba's northeast portion is shown with an inset of Baja Hondo. The tip of Yucatan is also shown. The Cartouche is quite decorative -- even though there is no color -- and the many rhumb lines or loxadromes are characteristic of van Keulen charts. What we call Tampa Bay is labeled "Bay Santas Espirt" and "Bay Tampo" is north of it and quite small.

Gerard van Keulen was the son of Johannes I in Amsterdam. He became an engraver, mathematician and chart maker and in 1704 he took control of the family company. He was appointed Hydrographer to the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and built up a high reputation for the quality of Keulen navigational charts. The company continued to be run by family descendents until its sale in 1823 (i.e. 1693-1823).


Image scanned from an original map in a private collection.

Reference: Tooley (2003, 2004).

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