Descriptio Geographica, de la part que los Españoles poseen Actualmente en el Continente de la Florida


Arredondo, Antonio de


Description on map reads "Geographical description of the part that the Spanish possess actually in the continent of Florida."

Manuscript map of Florida, which shows the Spanish claims between Spanish Florida and the English settlements, and was drawn by Arredondo, who was a Spanish Royal Army engineer, who was sent from Havana in 1736 to protest against Oglethorpe, and later fought against the English in Georgia. For his efforts he was given a grant of land in northern Florida near the present capital of Gainesville, which was one of the few grants that were acknowledged in later years.

The map extends west to include the Mississippi River and the area then claimed by France, and north to Canada.


Image from a reproduction in Cumming's Southeast in Early Maps.

Reference: Cumming (1998).

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