Arx Carolina (Fort Caroline)


Montanus, Arnoldus (1625-1683)


The French Hugenots under Ribault and Lordonniere established their Second Settlement in the New World on the River May (St. Johns River). For defense they built Fort Caroline. The image published by De Bry in 1591 is based on information or a sketch by Le Moyne and is the earliest one known. Others were drawn and published later including this one by Arnoldus Montanus in Amsterdam in 1671 with the label Arx Carolina.

The fort was later seized by Pedro Menendez d'Avila the Spaniard who slaughtered many of the French Settlers at Matanzas near St. Augustine where they had fled. Some were rescued and Le Moyne was among them. Thus his drawings and information were preserved and later acquired from his widow and published by Theordore de Bry.


Image scanned from an original print in a private collection.

Reference: Tooley (2003, 2004).

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