c. 1755


Carte du Golphe du Mexique et des Isles de L'Amerique


Bellin, Jacques Nicolas (1703-1772)


The shape of the Florida Peninsula and the coastal features are quite similar to those on the map published by Coltellini in the Gazzettiere Americano of 1763 (q.v.). However, Bellin shows the western border with Louisiana at Mobile Bay. Of interest are the routes of some explorers including Ponce de Leon in 1513; "pour la Decouverte de la Floride". An unlabeled route around the Gulf of Mexico is probably that of Alonzo Alvarez de Pineda who explored the Gulf in 1519. His sponsor was Francisco de Garay. Also shown is Hernando Cortes' voyage of 1519 around Yucatan and on to the Mexican coast near Rio Panuco. However, most notable on this map is the route of Hernandes de Cardova of 1517. He led a slave and gold hunting voyage from Santiago Cuba to Yucatan with Anton de Alaminos as his pilot. De Cardova was the same navigator who sailed with Ponce de Leon in 1513. Unfortunately the voyage did not go well and Hernandez later died after sailing all the way to Florida for drinking water. This voyage is rarely mentioned or explained.


Image scanned from an original map in a private collection.

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