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Moll, Herman (1654-1732)


This well-known and popular map by Herman Moll shows a peninsula identifiable as Florida but the name is not on it except at the southern tip where the term "C. Florida" is placed in the Gulf Stream area. The whole eastern area from the top of the map (just north of Charles Town) including the peninsula is labeled "Carolina English". The western border of that designated area is at the Apalaxy R. (Apalachicola). All the area west of there as far as the North R. (Rio Grande) is labeled Louisiana French. The limitation of Florida to the cape at the southern tip is definitely the smallest area ever attributed to that name. He did, however, label the Gulf Stream as "Gulf of Florida or Bahama". Other details on the map are very accurate for the time.

The Guillaume de L'Isle map of 1718 also does not show the name Florida. The elimination of the name Florida from the land mass was probably based on a misinterpretation of George II's grant to Carolina in 1663 to contest Spain's claim to the area.


Image scanned from a reproduction by Historic Urban Plans.

Reference: Servies (1990), Tooley (2003, 2004).

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