1720 - 1730


Carte Contenant le Royaume du Mexique et la Floride


Chatelain, Henri Abraham (1684-1743)


The extensive reach of Florida to the west and north as seen on the Homann's map was copied by Chatelain and published in Amsterdam 1720-1730. On this map there is a statement in the Remarque inset (left lower) that says "La Floride decoverte premierement par les Portugais en 1497..." ["Florida was first discovered by the Portuguese in 1497"]. This may refer to the mythical voyage by Amerigo Vespucci or a discovery by some unknown Portuguese explorer or slaver. According to the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1594 the Portuguese were not supposed to travel or trade in this area to the west of the treaty line, so if they had discovered Florida they would not have publicized it. However, the remark on this map may be true based on what we know from the Cantino and Caverio maps.


Image scanned from an original map in a private collection.

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