Arcis Carolinae delineatio (Plan of Fort Caroline)


Le Moyne de Morgues, Jacques 1533-1588


This view of Fort Caroline, built in 1564, is from Le Moyne's many drawings during his time in Florida. Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues travelled to Florida with the French Huguenots led by Ribault and Laudonniere. They settled on the River May (St. Johns River) in 1564 after a failed 1562 attempt at Port Royal (now Paris Island, S.C.). They constructed Fort Caroline to protect themselves from the Indians and the Spaniards. Unfortunately, Pedro Menendez d'Avila on orders from Spain, attacked the colony and some survivors escaped to Matanzas where they were rescued and taken to England. Fortunately, Le Moyne was among them and was able to save or reproduce his drawings. They were bought from his widow by Theodore de Bry and published in 1591.


Image from Hulton et al (1977).

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