Florida et Regiones Vicinae


de Laet, Joannes (1593-1649)


This scarce map of Florida has the peninsula labeled "Tegesta provinci" and there is no northern border but Virginiae pars is in the northeast with mountains labeled "Apalatcy Montes" and a couple lakes just west of Virginiae pars. Certain coastal labels are shown and rivers to the west. Some of the Bahamas and the north coast of Cuba are shown with the Tropicus Cancri slightly north of it.

Johannes (or Joannes) de Laet was a geographer and naturalist who was director of the Dutch West India Company and was therefore in charge of Dutch interests in America. Even though the Dutch had no claim to Florida he included it in his Dutch edition, although not in the first edition of 1625.

The cartographer was Hessel Gerritsz (1581-1632) who was an engraver, cartographer, publisher and bookseller who apprenticed as an engraver to Blaeu.


Image scanned from an original map in a private collection.

Reference: Tooley (2003, 2004) and Cumming (1998)

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