Carta Rappresentante la Penisola della Florida


Coltellini, Marco


Published in the Gazzettiere Americano, in Livorno. Drawn by Giuseppe Pazzi and engraved by Andrea Scacciati (1725-1771). This map shows Florida extending north to the west of Georgia and Carolina. It shows St. Augustine, Cape Canaveral, Cape Florida, and several of the Keys. On the west coast Muspa refers to the Calusa Indian Chief and village and north of that are Carlos Bay and Tampa Bay (labelled B'dello Spirito Santo). In the panhandle region Florida extends at least to the Mississippi River. There are several lakes and a few mountains in the northern part of the peninsula.

The semi-triangular shape of the Florida peninsula and coastal features are quite similar to those on the Jacques Nicolas Bellin chart of the Gulf of Mexico and Isles of America (q.v.)


Image scanned from an original map in a private collection.

Reference: Tooley (2003, 2004).

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