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Test Florida/Miami History

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Winter Visitors on Biscayne Bay, Florida, 1886-1887
Ralph M. Munroe encouraged his northern friends to visit Coconut Grove for the winter. In later years, many would make it their permanent homes and lay the foundations for its first institutions.

Top left to right: Mrs. Thomas Munroe (Ralph…

Bay View Villa, 1882-1883
"I wrote the Peacocks at Fort Dallas to find a bit of waterfront, build a house and I would come to advise and help as best I could in the establishment of a hotel and help as best I could ... When the house was finished I must admit that there was…

Peacock Family, Coconut Grove, Florida, circa 1890
Albumen photograph of Isabella and Charles Peacock (owners of the Peacock Inn) with their three sons, Charles, John and Henry.

Seminole Chief Matlo
Chief Matlo or Emathla was the oldest of the Miami Seminole war leaders. He became quite fond of Ralph Munroe and visited him often. Munroe noted "the strength and keenness of his face, and the nicety of his dress." - The Commodore's Story by…

Community Portrait
This photograph of the Black Community of Coconut Grove is a rare instance of historical documentation. Many of the inhabitants of Coconut Grove were Bahamian settlers who shared their practical knowledge of life in the tropics with the new pioneers…

Coconut Grove Negro District Map
Official segregation was not apparent within the 19th century community of Coconut Grove. This later map from the City of Miami's Planning Board depicts the institutional race-based demarcations that came with the region's "development."

Mrs. Julia Tuttle's party, 1893
She moved to Florida from Cleveland, Ohio in 1891 and settled on the Miami River. Mrs. Tuttle (dressed in white and fourth from left) is considered the founder of the city of Miami and played an active role in convincing Henry Flagler to bring the…

A Yacht Race on Washington's Birthday, 1887
"This spring of 1887 it was apparent that the Bay could provide all the boats necessary for a yacht-race, and it was decided to celebrate Washington's Birthday with an open regatta...It was a success in every way. Thus began organized aquatic sports…
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