Cleared to Land: The Records of the Pan American World Airways, Inc.


Cleared to Land: The Records of the Pan American World Airways, Inc.

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Pan American World Airways' first stewardesses
Pan Am caption: "FIRST CLIPPER CUTIES: First Pan American Airways Stewardesses were hired in 1944 to relieve men for war duty. It was the days of flying boats, when stewards often had to row passengers ashore and handle the heavy mooring lines.…

Juan Trippe receiving Medal of Merit from Secretary of War, Robert P. Patterson
Pan Am caption: "PAN AMERICAN HEAD HONORED: Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson presents to Juan T. Trippe, president of Pan American World Airways the Medal for Merit awarded to the air lines executive by President Truman for wartime services to…

Pan American World Airways Atlantic Clipper, a Boeing 314 flying boat, exterior
Written on verso: "B-314 out of the water at Port Washington"

Air Ferries division of Pan American World Airways, training section
Written on verso: "Group of Junior Air Transport Pilots, saluting the colors at PAAF Flight Training Section, 119th Street, about May 15th."

Two Pan Am stewardesses hold flags from countries serviced by Pan American World Airways
Written on verso: "East Meets West on Global Flights: Flags representing some of the countries served by Pan American round-the-world services are held by two pretty stewardesses. Carol L. Woodward of Dearborn, Michigan, USA, left, holds the flags of…

Hawaii Clipper at the dock
Written on verso: "MOORING ...The Hawaii Clipper rests at its dock. The big flying boat weighed 52,252 pounds with a wingspan of 130 feet, compared to today's jets weighing 325,000 pounds with a wingspan of 145 feet 8.5 inches. Pan American World…

Pan American World Airways Founder, Juan Trippe with Pan American World Airways Technical Advisor, Charles Lindbergh in Panama
Written on front: "Pan Am founder Juan T. Trippe (right) chats with aviaiton pioneer Charles A. Lindbergh on the tarmac in Panama. Pan Am began service from Miami to the Canal Zone in February 1929. Lindbergh was a long-time technical adviser to Pan…
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