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Swimming Team Celebrate National Title, 1976
The swimming and diving teams celebrated their second national title in 1976. The team won back to back national titles in 1975 and 1976.

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Tennis Greats Pancho Segura and Gardnar Mulloy
In 1935, Gardner Mulloy received the University's first tennis scholarship and organized and coached the first team. He built UM's first tennis stadium and continued his association with the University through one of the longest careers in professional tennis. During the war years, Pancho Segura was intercollegiate champion.   More information

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Tennis Team, 1939
The championship menís tennis team of 1939, featured stars Pancho Segura and Gardner Mulloy.

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UM - Florida Football Program, 1944
Cover of a University of Miami - University of Florida Football program, Orange Bowl, November 3, 1944.

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UM - Washington & Lee Football Program, 1951
Cover of the University of Miami - Washington & Lee University football program, Orange Bowl, October 19, 1951.

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UM Drum Major, 1957-1958
Mel Baker was drum major for the Band of the Hour during the 1957-1958 school year. This photograph appeared on the cover of the October, 1957 Tempo, then the official undergraduate magazine of the University of Miami.

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Undefeated UM Polo Team
Chuck Bernard and Jack Speedy Evans were part of the University of Miami polo team which was undefeated in tournament play from 1948-1951. Polo, however, was not to be a part of the University of Miami's future. The sport did not draw spectators and even with three undefeated years, the program posted a $15,000 deficit in 1950. The team, although unmatched and undefeated, was also unwanted. It was terminated in 1951.

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University of Miami Cheerleaders, 1930's
Student support for athletic teams at the University of Miami is perhaps best exemplified by the longstanding tradition of fine cheerleading squads. Uniforms and cheers have changed over the years, as this photograph of UM cheerleaders practicing for an upcoming football game in the 1930's illustrates.

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