Women Students

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"H I M" Club, ca. 1927
These University of Miami women are deployed to spell out the letters "H I M." These letters serve as an acronym for the name of the club these women formed in the late 1920's. The H I M (Happy Independent Women) Club was an organization of non-fraternity women in the early days of the University.   More information

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Bowman F. Ashe to "The Mothers of Young Women...", December 28, 1929
The fledgling University of Miami faced a myriad of challenges inherent in the effort to attract quality students, provide a strong educational curriculum, and develop the intellectual and social abilities of students. The diversions and distractions faced by students (female and otherwise) received particular attention by University officials. Understandably, the University demonstrated a serious commitment to providing a safe secure environment for its students. Universities, like all social institutions, exist as a part of the larger society, and thus are in a constant state of evolution. What kind of "dating policy" will be in vogue seventy years from today?

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Coeds Gather Under Umbrellas, 1930s
Women students gather on the patio of the Anastasia Building. Both the Anastasia Building and the San Sebastian Building were constructed as triangles around a central courtyard. Many school functions were held these enclosed venues.

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Group of Women Students, North Campus
This group photograph was taken circa 1936 at the Anastasia Building. Frances Hovey Bergh is seated 2nd row, 4th from left. This is probably her women's choir.

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Group Picture, The Early Years
In the early years, student activities, clubs, and sororities offered women students a busy social life. Pictures like this one appeared in many of the early yearbooks and provide an interesting look at fashions of bygone days.   More information

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Hurricanette Practice Jump, 1954
Hurricanette Rhona Berube jumps high during a practice session with the University of Miami Band of the Hour.

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Rush Week
When classes moved out of the Shacks, UM's sororities used them until the Mary B. Merritt Panhellenic Building was completed in 1956. Rushees sign up for a 1950s "Rush Week." [Parks, 2001]

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San Sebastian Hall Residents with "Pop" Koch, ca. 1927
This photograph includes a noteworthy University figure, Edward "Pop" Koch. "Pop" is pictured here with the women residents of San Sebastian Hall, the first women's dormitory at the University of Miami. For many years, "Mom" and "Pop" Koch greeted and supervised the female residents of San Sebastian.

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