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The Carrell Cover, June 1962
The Carrell: Journal of the Friends of the University of Miami Library, 1960 - 1996, was established to "make known the notable collections in the University of Miami Library, to evaluate them through the eyes of area scholars, to relate print to people."

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Aerial of Coral Gables Campus Including Richter Library
The newly opened Otto G. Richter Library stands in the upper center area of the photograph, which was taken in the mid-1960s. In the 15 or so years since the first buildings appeared on campus, a great deal of development and construction was completed. The James M. Cox Jr. Science Building, completed in 1967, will be the next to appear, located in the space directly behind the library.

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Anastasia Building Library Room
The library room at the in the Anastasia Building, called the North Campus, was one of the few places to study in the early 1940s. Until 1938 there was no regular book or periodicals allocation in the budget. Most of the library books were gifts.

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Arva Parks McCabe Celebrates the Birthday of Mildred Merrick, May 2, 2002
The birthday celebration was held during a reception given by University of Miami Trustee Arva Parks McCabe honoring Otto G. Richter staff who had worked in the Library for 25 years or more. Mildred Merrick, who was Head of the Richter Reference Department for many years, retired in 1991, after 32 years of service to the University.

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Dr. Archie L. McNeal, Directory of Libraries
Archie L. McNeal joined the University in 1952 as director of libraries, a position he held until his retirement in 1979. During his tenure, the holdings of the Otto G. Richter Library grew from 273,000 volumes to approximately 1.4 million volumes. McNeal also oversaw the construction of the University’s central depository, the Otto G. Richter Library, which was completed in 1962. In this photograph Dr. McNeal reviews the first shipments of a large collection of Russian language publications developed in cooperation with the Library of Congress. The collection included more than 70,000 monographs and 150,000 periodical issues.

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Friends of the Library honor Marjory Stoneman Douglas, March 29, 1985
The Friends of the University of Miami Library was established in 1960, with renowned Everglades preservationist and author Marjory Stoneman Douglas as its first president. On March 19, 1985, the Otto G. Richter Library Friends of the Library honored Douglas at the group's 25th Anniversary Dinner. Left to right: George Rosner, former Head of Archives and Special Collections, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and University of Miami President Tad Foote, who presented the award.

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Gift to Richter Library, 1958
The President of International Petroleum Company presents a set of the Libro de Cabildos de Lima to the Otto G. Richter Library. Left to right: Dr. Jay F.W. Pearson, President of the University of Miami, Mr. Haider, President of International Petroleum Co., John K. Oldfield, General Counsel, International Petroleum Co., and Dr. Archie L. McNeal, Director of Libraries, University of Miami.

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Merrick Building Library Room
Students studied in the Merrick building library room in the 1950s. A central library was part of George Merrick's vision of the University, but it was not realized for more than three decades. The library grew slowly and unevenly at first, depending mostly on donations from faculty, students, and friends. The first fulltime professional librarian was hired in 1932, it would be many years before the library would have a stable administration. Students in the 1950s, however, had a greatly improved library compared to their predecessors in the "cardboard college."

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