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Accounting Students, 1952
The Accounting Department of the School of Business Administration during the 1950s offered many courses for students wishing to become professional accountants. These students in 1952 practice on current office machines.

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Business School Offers Office Training Skills in the 1950s
One focus of the School of Business Administration during the 1950s was to provide specialized training for students who wished to become secretaries or office managers. In this 1952 class, students practice the methodical techniques of filing.

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Business Students Using the Latest Technology, 1950s
Students in the School of Business Administration have always been exposed to the newest technology. This then-new calculating machine amazingly adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides. Pictured from left to right are James E. Davis, Business Education Instructor; Mary Elizabeth Rice, Business Education major; and Joseph H. Young, Chairman of the Business Education Department.

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Colombians take English Language Course, 1952
A group of students from Colombia make use of audio equipment in a language lab. This group was part of a contingent of 21 enrolled in a special 10 week English course in November 1952.

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Erl Roman and Students, Fishing Class, 1949
The University of Miami offered many experimental and unusual courses in its early years. As a means of economic and academic survival, the University pioneered the development of adult education and evening courses. As a Miami Herald reporter, Erl Roman wrote a respected fishing and wildlife column. He later served the University of Miami as a public relations officer and development official. Roman donated the original "Touchdown Tommy," the famous cannon that now appears at all football games. He also coached the polo team and taught a two credit "fishing" course for Dade County residents and tourists.

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First Student Assembly
The first student assembly took place on the first day of classes: October 18, 1926.

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Journalism Class Outdoors
An early journalism class is instructed in the elements of photography on the Main Campus in the early 1950s. When the University of Miami opened in 1926, a course offered by the English department and taught by Ruth Bryan Owen was the only communication course available to students. A journalism course followed in 1929 and in 1938 a journalism major was available in the College of Liberal Arts. Currently, the School of Communication offers both undergraduate and graduate courses and has more than 1,300 students.

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Marine Science Students
Tropical and marine research was foremost in the minds of President Ashe and Dr. Pearson in the early years. In 1928 a newsreel pictured Dr. Pearson and his class on the outer reef off Sand Key using diving helmets. By 1930 the University was offering courses in marine science, including practical underwater observations, to undergraduate students.

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