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Application for Charter, 1926 (Page 1)
The charter established the mission of the University of Miami and outlined various academic programs. The Board of Regents approve any and all changes to the University Charter.

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Bertha M. Foster, First Music School Dean
Bertha M. Foster was the owner and operator of the Miami Conservatory of Music prior to the founding of the University of Miami. Her widely respected conservatory was incorporated into the University, and Foster was named the first dean of the School of Music in 1929 (and the first dean to be appointed overall.) She was also a founding regent of the University of Miami, and was a leading member of the committee responsible for selecting the University’s official colors: orange, green and white. She also served on the Board of Trustees from 1925-41.

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Bowman Ashe in Havana, Cuba
In 1937, Dr. Bowman Foster Ashe, President, University of Miami (third from left, seated) and Dr. Jay F.W. Pearson, then vice president (fourth from right, seated) attended a dinner sponsored by the Pan American Institute, a University organization. Standing behind Dr. Pearson is Pastor del Rio; who was then Cuban Secretary of Education.

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Bowman F. Ashe, President, University of Miami to Jay F. W. Pearson, University of Pittsburgh, May 22, 1926
President Ashe arrived from the University of Pittsburgh to lead the University of Miami as its first President (1926-1952). He recruited a number of administrators and faculty to join him, including Jay F. W. Pearson. Pearson moved from the faculty to assume a series of administrative positions, culminating with his tenure as the second President of the University of Miami (1952-1957).

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Dante B. Fascell
Instrumental in creating the Dante B. Fascell North-South Center were, clockwise from top: President Foote, Professor Jaime Suchlicki, former Congressman Dante B. Fascell, and Ambler Moss, Jr., director of the Center.

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F.G. Walton Smith Interview
F.G. Walton Smith discusses the University of Miami Marine Science School, concentrating on the physical expansion of facilities, and various projects that brought prestige to the school. Among these were deep sea drilling efforts and the MOHOLE project. You must have the 'RealPlayer' installed on your computer to play this 21 minute video (150kbps). RealPlayer software can be downloaded for free from the RealNetworks website.

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Friends of the Library honor Marjory Stoneman Douglas, March 29, 1985
The Friends of the University of Miami Library was established in 1960, with renowned Everglades preservationist and author Marjory Stoneman Douglas as its first president. On March 19, 1985, the Otto G. Richter Library Friends of the Library honored Douglas at the group's 25th Anniversary Dinner. Left to right: George Rosner, former Head of Archives and Special Collections, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and University of Miami President Tad Foote, who presented the award.

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Gift to Richter Library, 1958
The President of International Petroleum Company presents a set of the Libro de Cabildos de Lima to the Otto G. Richter Library. Left to right: Dr. Jay F.W. Pearson, President of the University of Miami, Mr. Haider, President of International Petroleum Co., John K. Oldfield, General Counsel, International Petroleum Co., and Dr. Archie L. McNeal, Director of Libraries, University of Miami.

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