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A Huey P. Newton Story
Originally born in a small town in Louisiana and later moving with his family to Oakland, California as an infant, Huey P. Newton became the co-founder and leader of the Black Panther movement for over 2 decades. This PBS project is a companion to a Spike Lee film. The site includes audio & video clips, documentation, and links. Coverage include the Watts Riots, Vietnam, Summer of Love and Civil Rights.
Publisher: Alexandria, VA: Public Broadcasting Service, 2002.


A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution
During the opening months of World War II, almost 120,000 Japanese Americans, two-thirds of them citizens of the United States, were forced out of their homes and into detention camps established by the U.S. government. This site tells the story of these Japanese Americans who suffered a great injustice, and who have worked ever since to insure the rights of all citizens guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.
Publisher: Washington, DC: Smithsonian, National Museum of American History, 199x.


African-American Involvement in the Vietnam War
The website is about those who served and those who protested. It features full-text articles, papers, other documents (including government documents), Web links, sound files, photographs, speeches, poetry, and film references, the majority of the site consists of annotated bibliographic citations.
Publisher: New York: Kief Schladweiler, 200x.


All But Forgotten Oldies
Rediscover your favorite songs from the sixties and early seventies from a searchable database of links to sound clips for over 4000 songs from 1960-1975. Most song samples are in Real Audio format.
Publisher: :, 2000.


American Experience: The Pill
The contraceptive pill was argued and debated with fervor for decades before its final approval by the US Food and Drug Administration in May 1960. Produced by the American Experience series, this website features timelines, primary sources, interviews and other resources that explore the issues surrounding the creation of the pill.
Publisher: Alexandria, VA: PBS, Inc, 1999.


American Radicalism Collection
This site contains images of 129 pamphlets, documents, and newsletters produced by or relevant to radical movements. Groups and issues represented by one to 30 documents include birth control; the Black Panthers; the Hollywood Ten; the Ku Klux Klan; and Students for a Democratic Society.
Publisher: East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Libraries, 2001.


Battlefield: Vietnam
This is the Web site companion for the PBS American Experience series, "Vietnam: A Television History." The site documents the conflict that changed a generation and analyzes the costs and consequences of the controversial war. Site contents include: who's who, a Vietnam timeline, personal narratives of Vietnamese and American survivors of the war, information on the fighting and the fighting equipment used in Vietnam, and links to other resources.
Publisher: Alexandria, VA: PBS, 200x.


Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site
This site, administered by the National Park Service, contains information and documents surrounding the May 1954 Supreme Court unanimous decision that separate educational facilities are inherently unequal and, as such, violate the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which guarantees all citizens equal protection of the laws.
Publisher: Topeka, Kansas: National Park Service, Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, 199x-.


Brown v. Board of Education, University of Michigan Library Digital Archive
The landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954 is commemorated in the University of Michigan Brown v. Board of Education Digital Archive. The site contains documents and images which chronicle events surrounding this historically significant case up to the present. The archive is divided into four main areas of interest: Supreme Court cases; busing and school integration efforts in northern urban areas; school integration in the Ann Arbor Public School District; and recent resegregation trends in American schools.
Publisher: Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Library, 200x.


Cesar E. Chavez Institute
The site is dedicated to the American labor leader, Cesar Chavez, who founded the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee. In 1968 Chavez gained attention as leader of a nationwide boycott of California table grapes in a drive to achieve labor contracts. The site contains speeches, interviews, photographs, biography, a chronology, and other resources.
Publisher: San Francisco, CA: The Cesar E. Chavez Institute, San Francisco State College, 200x.


CIA and the Vietnam Policymakers: Three Episodes 1962-1968
Published by the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence (CSI) and written by former CIA officer and historian Dr. Harold P. Ford, this book reviews declassified CIA documents and the Intelligence Community's analytic performance during the Vietnam era. The book concentrates on three episodes in the policymaking process between 1962 and 1968: Distortions of Intelligence; CIA Judgments on President Johnson's Decision to "Go Big" in Vietnam; and CIA, the Order-of-Battle Controversy, and the Tet Offensive.
Publisher: Washington, DC: United States, Central Intelligence Agency, Center for the Study of Intelligence, 199x.


Civil Rights Act of 1964
Full text of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Document Number: PL 88-352 (02 JUL 1964) 88th Congress, H. R. 7152. Includes - Title I: Voting Rights. Title II: Injunctive Relief Against Discrimination in Places of Public. Title III: Desegregation of Public Facilities. Title IV: Desegregation of Public Administration. Title V: Commission on Civil Rights. Title VI: Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted Programs. Title VII: Equal Employment Opportunity. Title VIII: Registration and Voting Statistics. Title IX: Intervention and Procedure after Removal in Civil Rights Cases.
Publisher: Washington, DC: U.S. Government, 200x-.


Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive
Maintained by the McCain Library and Archives at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM), this website features resources on race relations in Mississippi. Included are oral history transcripts, each one supplemented by a brief biography of the interviewee, a list of topics discussed, and information about the circumstances of the interview.
Publisher: Hattiesburg, MS: Special Collections Digital Program, University of Southern Mississippi Libraries, 2000.


Classic Feminist Writings
Over 30 full-text articles that helped define the Second Wave of feminism. Includes essays by Shulamith Firestone, Kate Millett, Kathie Amatniek, Frances Beal, Marge Piercy, Anne Koedt and others.
Publisher: Chicago, IL: The CWLU Herstory Website, 200?.


Cuban Missile Crisis Document Archive
The National Security Agency provides access to facsimiles of 100 declassified documents relating to the Cuban Missile Crisis. The documents describe Soviet involvement in Cuba and Cuban military activities from 1960 to 1963.
Publisher: Washington, DC: National Security Agency, Central Security Service, 200x.


Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
This site features a broad range of primary source materials, including audio clips of White House intelligence briefings, photographs, documents; the analysis of contemporary historians; a chronology, and other resources.
Publisher: Washington, DC: The National Security Archive, George Washington University, 200x.


Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project
Project to collect oral histories, photographs and documents dealing with Japanese American history with special focus of World War II. The site currently contains narrative with selected documents, images and oral histories plus study questions and bibliographies.
Publisher: Seattle, WA: The Japanese American Legacy Project, 200x.


Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement
The materials in this on-line archival collection document various aspects of the Women's Liberation Movement in the United States, and focus specifically on the radical origins of this movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Items range from radical theoretical writings to humorous plays to the minutes of an actual grassroots group. The items in this on-line collection are scanned and transcribed from original documents held in Duke's Special Collections Library.
Publisher: Durham, NC: The Digital Scriptorium, Special Collections Library, Duke University, 1997.


Feminist Chronicles [Chronology], PartII 1953-1993
Timeline charts divided into three sections: Events, Issues, and The Backlash. Events lists the major public events that constituted the context in which the feminist movement operated. The seven issues are essentially among those that the President's Commission on the Status of Women, established by Executive Order No. 10980 of December 14, 1961.Backlash describes the activities of the opposition to the movement.
Publisher: Washington, DC: The Feminist Majority Foundation and New Media Publishing Inc., 1995.


Free Speech Movement Digital Archive
The Free Speech Movement (FSM) Digital Archives document the role of Mario Savio and other participants in the Free Speech Movement (University of California, Berkeley, September-December 1964), as well as its origins in political protest and civil rights movements and its legacy of political activism and educational reform that can be traced throughout the country and the world down to the present. Primary documents include transcriptions of legal defense documents, leaflets passed out by members of the movement, letters from administrators and faculty members regarding the movement and student unrest, and oral histories. Also included is a detailed bibliography, a chronology of key events within its early history, and audio clips of faculty and academic senate debates, student protests, and discussions that were recorded during this period.
Publisher: Berkeley, CA: The Regents of the University of California, 199x -.


Greensboro Sit-Ins: Launch of a Civil Rights Movement
Information on participants, media coverage and other resources including photographs. Introduction by James Farmer.
Publisher: Greensboro, NC:, 1998-.


History and Politics Out Loud: 1960-1969
This oral history site section features 62 audio files in RealMedia format. The sound files include Warren Commission interviews, the eulogy for President John F. Kennedy by Chief Justice Earl Warren, U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy's address marking the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, addresses by prominent civil rights leaders, and Khrushchev recalling his first meeting with Kennedy.
Publisher: Evanston, IL: Northwestern University, 199x.


Jo Freeman, a prominent feminist scholar and author created this site. It features a selection of her articles including "The Feminist Movement," "Women in Society," "Women, Law and Public Policy," and "Social Protests in the Sixties." Also included: a photo gallery of historic photos of the civil rights vigil at the 1964 Democratic Convention, the June 1966 Meredith Mississippi March, Eugene McCarthy's 1968 presidential campaign, and the 1968 Democratic Convention. In addition, the site has images of from her large collection of political buttons, and links to other related sites.
Publisher: [s.l.]: Jo Freeman, 200x.


John F. Kennedy Library and Museum
The JFK Library site features speeches, sound files, official documents, photographs, records from the presidency of John F. Kennedy, supplemented with collections of information about the 1960 presidential debates, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the civil rights movement, the space program, and President Kennedy’s assassination.
Publisher: Boston, MA: John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, 199x.


Kennedy & Castro: The Secret History
Released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, this briefing book contains an audio tape of the late President Kennedy discussing the possibility of a clandestine meeting with Fidel Castro in Havana several weeks before his death. Along with this six-minute audio recording, visitors will find other key documents related to the story.
Publisher: Washington, DC: The National Security Archive, George Washington University, 2003.


LBJ in the Oval Office: Johnson's Vietnam Anguish
Secretly recorded conversations made by President Lyndon Baines Johnson in the White House Oval Office. These tapes were released in February 1997 by the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas and have been published on the History and Politics Out Loud website.
Publisher: Evanston, IL: Northwestern University, 199x.


LBJ White House Tapes
C-SPAN's LBJ White House Tapes Archive allows you to listen in Real Media format to individual conversations released by the Lyndon Johnson Library in Texas that have aired on C-SPAN Radio.
Publisher: Washington, DC: C-SPAN, 199x.


Levittown: Documents of an Ideal American Suburb
Levittown: Images from a Cultural History is a collaborative documentary project, edited by Peter Bacon Hales, University of Chicago Art Department. It includes photographs made by residents and visitors since the late '40s, written reminiscences and texts, and essays.
Publisher: Chicago: University of Illinois, 200x.


Literature and Culture of the American 1950s
Compiled by an Al Filreis, an English professor, this site presents more than 100 primary texts, essays, biographical sketches, obituaries, book reviews, and partially annotated links relating to the culture and politics of the 1950s. The site also offers materials about the 1930s and 1960s, as well as recently published retrospective analyses of the postwar period. A well-organized and selected group of key resources for the study of writings dealing with political, ideological, literary, and sociological topics in the 1950s.
Publisher: Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania, 199x.


Lyndon B. Johnson Library
The site contains online archival collections of photographs, documents, oral histories, finding aids, sample telephone conversations, and other materials that illuminate the Johnson Presidency and the political and social events of that era.
Publisher: : Austin, TX, 199x.


Malcom X: A Research Site
Malcom X: A Research Site was developed by Abdul Alkalimat, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Africana Studies program at the University of Toledo. This site provides a range of materials for the study of the life of Malcom X. Resources include audio clips of speeches and radio addresses, photographs, a bibliography, letters and other writings, links to relevant web sites, and a chronology of the life and activities of Malcolm X.
Publisher: Toledo, OH: University of Toledo and Twenty-first Century Books, 1999-.


Martin Luther King Papers Project at Stanford University
Located at Stanford University, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project intends to provide access to the fourteen-volume The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. Currently resources at the site include speeches, sermons and other primary documents, sound files, lesson plans, a general biography, a chronology of King's life, a recommended reading, and scholarly articles produced by Project staff members. The Project plans to continually add new documents to the site as they are digitized. Free registration is required to view the papers.
Publisher: Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University, 1999 -.


May 4 Collection
This site is designed to serve as a memorial to the four students killed at Kent State University on May 4, 1970, by National Guardsmen. Visitors will find 93 transcripts of oral history interviews taken at May 4th commemorations in 1990, 1995, and 2000. The oral histories, ranging from two and 35 minutes, are part of a larger collection. The site also provides a chronology of events, a bibliography dedicated to May 4th events, and links to related websites.
Publisher: Kent, OH: Kent State University Library, Department of Special Collections & Archives, 199x -.


Memphis: We Remember
Memphis: We Remember is a historical look at the 1968 Memphis, TN sanitation worker's strike. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous "I've Been to the Mountain Top" speech in support of the strike, just a day before his assassination. The site, includes a timeline, news articles, photographs, and coverage and the transcripts of King's speech. The site also features recent analysis and commentary on the strike's place in history.
Publisher: Washington, DC: American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME),, 2002.


National Security Archive Interviews Cold War Interviews
The transcripts of interviews with grouped in thematic "episodes". The "Episode 13: Sixties: Make Love Not Ware" includes discussions with Hugh Hefner, Eugene McCarthy, Allen Ginsberg, John Ehrlichman, Rennie Davis, Mary Sue Planck, Hal Beers, Bill Frappoly, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Elliott Katz and Terry Macis. Other episodes include: Vietnam, Cuba, Marshall Plan, Iron Curtin, Sputnik, MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction).
Publisher: Washington, DC: George Washington University, National Security Archives, 199x.


Newark riots - 1967
The summer of 1967 marked the apex of a cycle of 'urban unrest' that began during the mid-1960s in Harlem and Watts and tapered off by the early 1970s. During the "summer of love" one hundred and sixty four "civil disorders" were reported in one hundred and twenty eight American cities. Two of the most severe riots were in Newark, New Jersey and Detroit, Michigan.
Publisher: Rutgers, NJ: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 200x.


Oh Freedom Over Me
In the summer of 1964, about 1,000 young Americans, black and white, came together in Mississippi for a peaceful assault on racism. Freedom Summer, as it came to be called, became one of the most dramatic chapters in the Civil Rights movement. Oh Freedom Over Me combines text, audio interviews with veterans and photographs to document this period.
Publisher: Saint Paul, MN: American RadioWorks, Minnesota Public Radio, 200x.


Psychedelic Sixties: Literary Tradition and Social Change
In this exhibition, the Special Collections Department at the University of Virginia examines the sixties and its antecedents using books and posters in its collections. Precursors to Ken Kesey, Woodstock, Hippies are found in the literature of 19th-century social movements and in the Beats of the 1950s.
Publisher: Charlottesville, VA: Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library, 1998-.


Remembering Jim Crow
In this documentary, black and white Americans remember life in the Jim Crow times. This site is a companion site to the NPR radio documentary on segregated life in the South (broadcast in February 2002). Included are 28 audio excerpts, and approximately 130 photographs, arranged in six thematically-organized sections. Covers legal, social, and cultural aspects of segregation, black community life, and black resistance to the Jim Crow way of life.
Publisher: St Paul, MN: Minnesota Public Radio, American RadioWorks, 2002.


Robert Altman's Photo Gallery
Great photographs. Many feature prominent personalities and scenes from the sixties. Included are the Cockettes, Ceasar Chavez, Joan Baez, Timothy Leary, Phil Ochs, Baba Ram Dass, Sufi Sam and others. Robert Altman has been professional photographer for many years- first as a photojournalist (chief staff photographer, Rolling Stone Magazine) and for several decades headed his own commercial studio in San Francisco specializing in fashion photography as well as being a television producer/director for KEMO-TV.
Publisher: [San Francisco, CA]: Robert Altman, 2001.


Sixties Project & Viet Nam Generation, Inc.
A website created for the study of the history and popular culture of the United States during the 1960s. Features include a Sixties listserv, personal narratives, book reviews, poetry published in Viet Nam Generation, exhibits (e.g. Sixties Buttons), and links to other online resources (primary documents, bibliographies, syllabi, annotated descriptions of films about the 1960s and the Viet Nam War, and more).
Author: Tal, Kalí. Publisher: Tucson, AZ : [Charlottesville, Va.]: Institute of Advanced Technology in the Humanities, University of Virginia--Charlottesville, 1995 -.


The Black Panther Party: Resources in the Media Resources Center
The site contains a description of the Center's holdings and Real Media video and audio clips featuring Huey Newton, George Jackson, Bobby Seale and others.
Publisher: Berkeley: University of California, 199x-.


The Murder of Emmett Till: The Brutal Murder that Mobilized the Civil Rights Movement
In 1955, Emmett Till, a black Chicago teenager, was kidnapped and murdered by two white men while visiting his uncle in Money, Mississippi. The film The Murder of Emmett Till and this companion Web site offer insights into topics in American history including race relations, civil rights, segregation, lynching, sharecropping, and the northern migration of African Americans.
Publisher: Alexandria, VA: PBS, Inc., 200x.


The Vietnam Project
Created at Texas Tech University, the Virtual Vietnam Archive contains a wide range of resources including photographs, slides, audio and video recordings, and oral histories drawn from persons involved with the Vietnam War.
Publisher: Lubbock, TX: Texas Tech University, 200x.


Trial of The Chicago Seven
One of the Famous American Trials sites created by Douglas Linder of the University of Missouri, Kansas City, School of Law, this site explores the 1969–1970 trial of the Chicago Seven, a group of radicals accused of conspiring to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. The site contains a 1500-word account of the trial, biographies, a chronology of the lives of those involved in the trial, and audio clips of defendants, prosecutors, and witnesses discussing various aspects of the riots and the trial. Also included is the full-text versions of the indictment against the Chicago Seven, the trial manuscript, the contempt of court specifications against two of the defendants, and the appellate decision that overturned the contempt convictions and the convictions for intent to incite a riot. Additionally, there are 16 images of the riots and key figures and 14 quotations. A bibliography of 13 websites and 15 scholarly works leads to other sources for studying the Chicago Seven’s trial and their lives as radical activists.
Publisher: Kansas City: University of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Law, 199x.


Truth and Reconciliation in Neshoba County Mississippi Region Grapples with Legacy of Civil Rights Murders
NPR site profiling a task force of black and white citizens in Philadelphia, Miss., the Neshoba County seat, formed to address the unsolved 1964 murder of civil rights workers, Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney and Michael Henry Schwerner.
Publisher: Washington, DC: National Public Radio, 200x-.


U. S. vs Cecil Price et al. ("Mississippi Burning" Trial)
This legal history site created by law professor Douglas Linder provides extensive resources on the killing of three civil rights workers and the trial of their murderers depicted in the movie "Mississippi Burning."
Publisher: Kansas City: University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School, 1995.


United States Department of Justice Investigation of Recent Allegations Regarding the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
This report is the product of an eighteen-month Justice Department investigation, refutes allegations of a conspiracy surrounding James Earl Ray and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and recommends no further investigation. It was released on June 9, 2000.
Publisher: Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice, 2000.


Vietnam War Declassification Project
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of Phnom Penh and Saigon, the staff of the Gerald R. Ford Library reviewed for possible declassification nearly 40,000 pages of National Security Adviser files. This exhibit makes available a subset of these documents for research.
Publisher: [Ann Arbor, MI]: Gerald R. Ford Library, 2000.


Visual Journey: Photographs by Lisa Law, 1965-1971
The photographs provide glimpses into the folk and rock music scenes, California's blossoming counterculture, and the family-centered and spiritual world of commune life in New Mexico during the 1960s. The subjects include Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsburg, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Suzuki-Roshi, Janis Joplin, Tiny Tim, and Otis Redding. The pictures were selected from a collection of 200 photographs donated to the Smithsonian Institution.
Publisher: Washington DC: National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, 1998.


Voices of Civil Rights: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories
The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), and the Library of Congress have created an online archive of firsthand accounts and personal memories about the civil rights movement. The site features historical and contemporary views, essays, interviews (sound with transcripts), special reports, recommended readings, links to other resources.
Publisher: Washington, DC: AARP and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), 2004.


We Must Destroy the Capitalistic System Which Enslaves Us: Stokely Carmichael Advocates Black Revolution
In June 1966, the national chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Stokely Carmichael, first voiced the slogan “Black Power” during a march in Mississippi. James Meredith initiated the march to protest white resistance, in defiance of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to black voter registration. The following testimony by Carmichael before a Senate subcommittee investigating internal security includes an interview Carmichael recorded during a visit to Cuba in 1967.
Publisher: New York, NY; Fairfax, VA: American Social History Project/Center for Media & Learning, City University of New York, and the Center for History and New Media, George Mason University., .


Weather Underground Organization (Weatherman)
The Chicago Office of the FBI prepared a summary in 1976 discussing the main activities of the Weather Underground Organization, also known as Weatherman. This group described itself as a revolutionary organization of communist men and women. The FBI's analysis of its motivations, beliefs, and international travels are outlined in this summary. 420p. In PDF format.
Publisher: Washington, DC: Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 200x.