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    A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution
During the opening months of World War II, almost 120,000 Japanese Americans, two-thirds of them citizens of the United States, were forced out of their homes and into detention camps established by the U.S. government. This site tells the story of these Japanese Americans who suffered a great injustice, and who have worked ever since to insure the rights of all citizens guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.
Publisher: Washington, DC, Smithsonian, National Museum of American History, 199x.
    Baseball's Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and His Legacy
Author: Tygiel, Jules. Publisher: New York, NY, Oxford University Press, 1997.
    Birth of the Beat Generation: Visionaries, Rebels, and Hipsters, 1944-1960
Author: Watson, Steven. Publisher: New York, NY, Pantheon Books, 1995.
    Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site
This site, administered by the National Park Service, contains information and documents surrounding the May 1954 Supreme Court unanimous decision that separate educational facilities are inherently unequal and, as such, violate the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which guarantees all citizens equal protection of the laws.
Publisher: Topeka, Kansas, National Park Service, Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, 199x-.
    Brown v. Board of Education, University of Michigan Library Digital Archive
The landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954 is commemorated in the University of Michigan Brown v. Board of Education Digital Archive. The site contains documents and images which chronicle events surrounding this historically significant case up to the present. The archive is divided into four main areas of interest: Supreme Court cases; busing and school integration efforts in northern urban areas; school integration in the Ann Arbor Public School District; and recent resegregation trends in American schools.
Publisher: Ann Arbor, MI, University of Michigan Library, 200x.
    Catch-22: A Novel
Author: Heller, Joseph. Publisher: New York, Simon and Schuster, 1961.
    CNN Cold War
The CNN Cold War site is derived from a 24-part documentary produced for television, and includes recaps of each episode; video, audio, and text excerpts from nearly 100 interviews filmed for the series; text from archival documents and contemporaneous Time and Russian newspaper stories; biographies, a glossary, maps, a chronology. Visitors are taken through 1960s with episodes on the Vietnam, MAD, Cuba, Make Love not War and other themes.
Publisher: [Atlanta, GA], Cable News Network Inc., 1998.
    Color Adjustment
Analyzes the evolution of television's earlier, unflattering portrayal of blacks from 1948 until 1988 where they are depicted as having achieved the American dream. Black actors Esther Rolle, Diahann Carroll, Denise Nicholas and Tim Reid and several Hollywood producers reveal the behind-the-scenes story of how prime time was "integrated." pt. 1. Color blind TV? 1948-1968. pt. 2. Coloring the dream, 1968-1988.
Publisher: , San Francisco, CA, 1991.
    Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project
Project to collect oral histories, photographs and documents dealing with Japanese American history with special focus of World War II. The site currently contains narrative with selected documents, images and oral histories plus study questions and bibliographies.
Publisher: Seattle, WA, The Japanese American Legacy Project, 200x.
    Eleanor Roosevelt
Drawing on interviews with her closest relatives, friends, and biographers, as well as rare home movie footage, the documentary reveals the hidden dimensions of one of the century's most influential women. She fought tirelessly for social justice for all and took a lead role in the United Nations landmark Declaration of Human Rights. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy named her chair of the President's Commission on the Status of Women. (PBS Companion Website).
Publisher: Alexandria, VA, PBS Home Video, 2000.
    Ethnic Notions
Presents examples of the way that racism is depicted in American culture in cartoons, feature films, popular songs, minstrel shows, advertisements, folklore, household artifacts, even children's rhymes. These caricatures permeated popular culture from the 1820s to the Civil Rights period and implanted themselves deep in the American psyche.
Publisher: San Francisco, CA, California Newsreel, 1987.
    Freedom in the Family: A Mother-Daughter Memoir of the Fight for Civil Rights
Author: Due, Tananarive and Patricia Due. Publisher: New York, One World, 2003.
    Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era
Author: May, Elaine. Publisher: New York, Basic Books, 1988.
    Levittown: Documents of an Ideal American Suburb
Levittown: Images from a Cultural History is a collaborative documentary project, edited by Peter Bacon Hales, University of Chicago Art Department. It includes photographs made by residents and visitors since the late '40s, written reminiscences and texts, and essays.
Publisher: Chicago, University of Illinois, 200x.
    Literature and Culture of the American 1950s
Compiled by an Al Filreis, an English professor, this site presents more than 100 primary texts, essays, biographical sketches, obituaries, book reviews, and partially annotated links relating to the culture and politics of the 1950s. The site also offers materials about the 1930s and 1960s, as well as recently published retrospective analyses of the postwar period. A well-organized and selected group of key resources for the study of writings dealing with political, ideological, literary, and sociological topics in the 1950s.
Publisher: Philadelphia, PA, University of Pennsylvania, 199x.
    National Security Archive Interviews Cold War Interviews
The transcripts of interviews with grouped in thematic "episodes". The "Episode 13: Sixties: Make Love Not Ware" includes discussions with Hugh Hefner, Eugene McCarthy, Allen Ginsberg, John Ehrlichman, Rennie Davis, Mary Sue Planck, Hal Beers, Bill Frappoly, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Elliott Katz and Terry Macis. Other episodes include: Vietnam, Cuba, Marshall Plan, Iron Curtin, Sputnik, MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction).
Publisher: Washington, DC, George Washington University, National Security Archives, 199x.
    New York in the Fifties
Features David Amram, Sam Astrachan, James Baldwin (archive footage), Brock Bower, Ann Brower, William F. Buckley, Knox Burger, Mary Ann DeWees McCoy, Joan Didion, Art D'Lugoff, John Gregory Dunne, Ed Fancher, Bruce Jay Friedman, Jane Wylie Genth, Allen Ginsberg,(archive footage), Ivan Gold, Ray Grist, Nat Hentoff, Jack Kerouac (reads On the Road) (archive footage), Norman Mailer, C. Wright Mills, Norman Podhoretz, Ned Polsky, Robert Redford, Lynn Sharon Schwartz, Harvey Shapiro, Ted Steeg, Gay Talese, Nan Talese, Calvin Trillin, Mark Van Doren, Dan Wakefield, Helen Weaver. Based on the book by Dan Wakefield; directed by Betsy Blankenbaker.
Publisher: New York, First Run Features, 2001.
    Not June Cleaver: Women and Gender in Postwar America, 1945-1960
Author: Meyerowitz, Joanne, ed.. Publisher: Phliadelphia, Temple University Press, 1994.
    Remembering Jim Crow
In this documentary, black and white Americans remember life in the Jim Crow times. This site is a companion site to the NPR radio documentary on segregated life in the South (broadcast in February 2002). Included are 28 audio excerpts, and approximately 130 photographs, arranged in six thematically-organized sections. Covers legal, social, and cultural aspects of segregation, black community life, and black resistance to the Jim Crow way of life.
Publisher: St Paul, MN, Minnesota Public Radio, American RadioWorks, 2002.
    Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
This four-part series on race relations in the United States documents the context in which the laws of segregation known as the "Jim Crow" system originated and developed. Program 1. Promises betrayed (1865-1896) -- pr. 2. Fighting back (1896-1917) -- pr. 3. Don't shout too soon (1917-1940) -- pr. 4. Terror and triumph (1940-1954).
Publisher: San Francisco, CA, California Newsreel, 2002.
    Seeds of the sixties
The book consists of profiles of 15 American intellectuals of the 1950s who created the groundwork for new forms of critical discourse in the 1960s. Included are C. Wright Mills, Hannah Arendt, Erich Fromm, Lewis Mumford, Rachel Carson and Margaret Mead.
Author: Jamison, Andrew and Ron Eyerman. Publisher: Berkeley, University of California Press, 1994.
    Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story
First published in 1958. It is the account of an early King civil rights initiative ending in the desegregation Montgomery Alabama buses in 1956.
Author: King, Martin Luther, Jr.. Publisher: SanFrancisco, HarperSanFrancisco, 1986.
    The Fifties
Author: Halberstam, David. Publisher: New York, Villard Books, 1993.
    The Murder of Emmett Till: The Brutal Murder that Mobilized the Civil Rights Movement
In 1955, Emmett Till, a black Chicago teenager, was kidnapped and murdered by two white men while visiting his uncle in Money, Mississippi. The film The Murder of Emmett Till and this companion Web site offer insights into topics in American history including race relations, civil rights, segregation, lynching, sharecropping, and the northern migration of African Americans.
Publisher: Alexandria, VA, PBS, Inc., 200x.
    The Road to Brown
This documentary covers the The Brown v. Board of Education ruling, the culmination of a brilliant legal assault on segregation that launched the Civil Rights movement. It was led by visionary black lawyer, Charles Hamilton Houston, "the man who killed Jim Crow." Under the "separate but equal" doctrine of the Supreme Court's 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson decision, black citizens were denied the right to vote, to attend white schools, or to get sick in white hospitals.
Publisher: San Francisco, California Newsreel, 1995, c1990.
    The Strange Career of Jim Crow
Classic, still influential, analysis of institution of segregation in the American south.
Author: Woodward, C. Vann. Publisher: New York, Oxford University Press, 1974.
    The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap
Author: Coontz, Stephanie. Publisher: New York, NY, BasicBooks, 1992.

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