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    CNN Cold War
The CNN Cold War site is derived from a 24-part documentary produced for television, and includes recaps of each episode; video, audio, and text excerpts from nearly 100 interviews filmed for the series; text from archival documents and contemporaneous Time and Russian newspaper stories; biographies, a glossary, maps, a chronology. Visitors are taken through 1960s with episodes on the Vietnam, MAD, Cuba, Make Love not War and other themes.
Publisher: [Atlanta, GA], Cable News Network Inc., 1998.
    Cuban Missile Crisis Document Archive
The National Security Agency provides access to facsimiles of 100 declassified documents relating to the Cuban Missile Crisis. The documents describe Soviet involvement in Cuba and Cuban military activities from 1960 to 1963.
Publisher: Washington, DC, National Security Agency, Central Security Service, 200x.
    Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
This site features a broad range of primary source materials, including audio clips of White House intelligence briefings, photographs, documents; the analysis of contemporary historians; a chronology, and other resources.
Publisher: Washington, DC, The National Security Archive, George Washington University, 200x.
    Dangerous world: [The Kennedy years]
Takes a rather hostile look at the life of JFK, including allegations of mob ties, a secret war against Fidel Castro, endless encounters with women and many opportunities for blackmail. Host, Peter Jennings. Reporter-interviewer, Seymour M. Hersh.
Publisher: [Oak Forest, IL, MPI Home Video, 1998.
    Debating our Destiny: 40 Years of Presidential Debate
Footage highlights 40 years of televised presidential debates and post-debate interviews with presidential candidates since 1960.
Publisher: Washington, DC, MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, 2000.
    Great debates: John F. Kennedy vs. Richard M. Nixon
Edited selections from the 4 televised debates between Kennedy and Nixon from Sept. 26, 1960 to October 21, 1960. Topics include the stagnation of American society and whether or not to defend Quemoy and Matsu. Provides some contemporary commentary on the significance and conduct of the debates.
Publisher: Orland, IL, MPI Home Video, 1989.
    History and Politics Out Loud: 1960-1969
This oral history site section features 62 audio files in RealMedia format. The sound files include Warren Commission interviews, the eulogy for President John F. Kennedy by Chief Justice Earl Warren, U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy's address marking the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, addresses by prominent civil rights leaders, and Khrushchev recalling his first meeting with Kennedy.
Publisher: Evanston, IL, Northwestern University, 199x.
    John F. Kennedy Library and Museum
The JFK Library site features speeches, sound files, official documents, photographs, records from the presidency of John F. Kennedy, supplemented with collections of information about the 1960 presidential debates, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the civil rights movement, the space program, and President Kennedy’s assassination.
Publisher: Boston, MA, John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, 199x.
    Kennedy & Castro: The Secret History
Released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, this briefing book contains an audio tape of the late President Kennedy discussing the possibility of a clandestine meeting with Fidel Castro in Havana several weeks before his death. Along with this six-minute audio recording, visitors will find other key documents related to the story.
Publisher: Washington, DC, The National Security Archive, George Washington University, 2003.
    National Security Archive Interviews Cold War Interviews
The transcripts of interviews with grouped in thematic "episodes". The "Episode 13: Sixties: Make Love Not Ware" includes discussions with Hugh Hefner, Eugene McCarthy, Allen Ginsberg, John Ehrlichman, Rennie Davis, Mary Sue Planck, Hal Beers, Bill Frappoly, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Elliott Katz and Terry Macis. Other episodes include: Vietnam, Cuba, Marshall Plan, Iron Curtin, Sputnik, MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction).
Publisher: Washington, DC, George Washington University, National Security Archives, 199x.
    The Columbia Guide to America in the 1960s
Contents: The American sixties: a brief history. John Kennedy and the promise of leadership. The Civil Rights revolution. The Great Society. The Vietnam War. Polarization. Sixties culture. New directions. Conclusion. Debating the sixties. The sixties A to Z. Short topical essays. Special sections. Chronology. Annotated bibliography.
Author: Farber, David and Beth Bailey. Publisher: New York, NY, Columbia University Press, 2001.
    The Kennedys
This PBS documentary uses extensive interviews, still photographs and archival footage to explore the building of the Kennedy legend.
Publisher: [Alexandria, VA.], PBS Video, 2000.
    The Turbulent Sixties
Includes notable speeches by Americans. Including the Easter speech in Harlem / Malcolm X. -- Platform attack of Barry Goldwater, 1964 / Nelson Rockefeller -- Extremism is no vice (rebuttal of Rockefeller speech) / Barry Goldwater -- A time for choosing, 1964 / Ronald Reagan -- Eulogy for Martin Luther King, Jr. / Robert F. Kennedy. This documentary in VHS format is available for borrowing by UM faculty and students at the Richter Library 2nd floor public service desk.
Publisher: Princeton, NJ, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1997.

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