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Capture of Deserters

Date(s) of Letter(s) Little, Henry F. W. The Seventh Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion. Concord, New Hampshire: The Seventh New Hampshire Veteran Association, 1896.


March 26, 1863
"On the 23d [March, 1863], two men belonging to Company G, who were confined in the guard-house at the fort, deserted, and immediately upon learning the facts, Capt. H. B. Leavitt, of that company, took eight of his men and followed them, supposing they had taken the Palatka road, and fortunately was correct in his supposition, as he overtook them a few miles out; believing the captain and his men were Confederates, for it was a very dark night, they seemed quite anxious to surrender, and were much surprised to find they had surrendered to the captain of their own company.  They were brought back to the guard-house and put in irons.  This exploit of Captain Leavitt at once established his courage among the officers and men, for it required no small account of courage to penetrate the enemy's country for several miles outside our lines at a time when they were very liable to meet some of Dickinson's or Finnegan's troopers or guerillas."  (Little, p. 93)