Disaster and Recovery, 1926 - 1930


Hurricane Scenes: Miami Disaster in Picture, Most Terrific Storm in World 's History. Miami, Fla.: E.P. Wheelan, 1926?

Not all promotional materials extolled the virtues of life in South Florida. The infamous hurricane of September 17-18, 1926, described in this pamphlet as "the greatest catastrophe that has befallen any American Community... since the San Francisco Earthquake," destroyed over 15,000 homes. As a result of this natural disaster, the fledgling University of Miami also found itself on the brink of destruction. Although reporting on the recent disaster, this publication assures readers of the imminent and complete recovery of Miami.


Miami: Golden Sunshine Adds Golden Years. Miami: Publicity Board, City of Miami, Cooperating with the Miami Chamber of Commerce, 1927.

In the spirit of the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, Miami political figures were enthusiastic promoters of the healthy and healing aspects of life in South Florida.

Only one year after a devastating hurricane, statements from prominent citizens such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Gifford Pinchot joined observations from several medical professionals to extol the restorative powers of warm temperatures and sunshine.

One physician offered the comment that, "The life extension of the individual will perceptibly increase in relative proportion to the time lived in this region." With regard to the elderly, a doctor noted that, "the natural strength of resistance is augmented by the natural therapeutic benefits of the climate and the breaking point may be postponed until a much later period in life."


Souvenir of Miami, Miami Beach and Coral Gables, Florida. Milwaukee: E.C. Kropp Co., 1928?

Many publications promoted the subtropical delights of life in Miami and the surrounding area, including Miami Beach and Coral Gables, with colorful images of outdoor life, plants and trees, and various buildings and structures. The images on these pages also appeared as individual postcards.




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