The 1950s to Present

Gilbert, John W. Miami and the Keys (German) and Miami and the Keys (Spanish). Firenze, Italy: Bonechi; Markham, Ont. Canada: Distributed by Irving Wisedorf & Co., 1992.

As the world re-discovered Miami in the 1990s, foreign publishers entered the marketplace, and produced a wide range of promotional materials.

Glossy color pictures, a standard in today's travel publishing industry, present a sleek, inviting oasis for the international traveler. No opportunity to entice and attract visitors is overlooked, from shopping, dining, and sporting events to night life, historical sites, and natural wonders.

Guillette, Thomas A. Miami and Miami Beach Holiday Guide: Produced for Delta C & S Airlines by Burke Dowling Adams, Inc. [Atlanta]: Delta C & S Airlines, 1954.

This guide book promises to give you the most complete picture possible of "the Magic City." Information on local and regional tourist attractions are included, as is information on extended sight seeing opportunities in the Caribbean. One of the best ways to travel to and from Miami, of course, is via Delta C & S Airlines.



Burris, Bert. Your Miami Holiday. Coral Gables, Fla.: B. Burris, 1963.

This 1963 guidebook is noteworthy for what it does not include, as the author accepted "no advertisements, no paid endorsements." He proudly announces that, "With no axe to grind, we have set down the facts as we see them, without puffery."

This publication offers information on the ever-expanding reservoir of tourist attractions and sites, while also providing helpful hints on things to avoid, such as sunburn and the dangerous Portuguese man-o-war.




Miami: Economic Resource Profile. [Miami, Fla.?: U.S. Impressions, 1990].

Contemporary publications include information on such traditional topics as neighborhoods, real estate, and transportation. The presence of subjects such as high technology, media, and the labor force suggest that new initiatives are needed to attract business and commercial interests. The cover illustration of a brightly lit, active, business district attempts to communicate a distinctive message.



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