1940s to Present

Souvenir of Miami, Miami Beach, Florida. Chicago, III.: Curt Teich & Co., 1947.

In a combination of color and black and white illustrations, this 1947 promotional brochure depicts Miami in its emerging post-World War II glory. The collage of color images on the cover sends a clear and inviting message to residents of northern cities and towns.

As the "Playground of the World and one of the most delightful cities in the world in which to live permanently," Miami hosted more than 300,000 residents, 75,000 homes, 101 flourishing industries, and " a couple of million visitors every year."


The Miami-Battle Creek, Miami Springs (Miami), Florida. Miami Springs, Fla.: Miami-Battle Creek, 1940?

Founded by the famed Dr. James Harvey Kellogg and funded by noted aviator Glenn Curtiss, Miami Battle Creek was patterned after the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan.

Dedicated to health, race betterment, and human welfare, this facility introduced guests to the concept of "regimen therapy," a life-long program of healthy living. Scientific physiotherapy created a program of exercise, diet, and therapies designed to reach a goal of "superhealth."


Truly Yours, Miami. [Miami, Fla.: Miami Chamber of Commerce, 194-?].

This brochure focuses on outdoor recreational pursuits available in the greater Miami area, as evident by the appearance of only two buildings on the entire Miami - Miami Beach landscape, and one of those is the Pan American World Airways Terminal.

This publication is an abridged, translated version of Truly Yours, Miami.


Visite a Linda Cidade de Miami, Florida. [Miami, Fla.?: s.n., 1944?]

This publication strives to enlarge the global community of Miami, by encouraging those two million Americans who visit Miami each year to consider the city as their "second home."

This brochure served as the model for a later Portuguese language version, Visite a Linda Cidade de Miami, Florida.


Giua de Miami, La Ciudad Magica: La Nueva Riviera-Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables y Alrededores. Miami, Fla.: A.E. Curtis and Associates, 1945;1946.

These Spanish and Portuguese language publications demonstrate the international flavor of Miami, and promote Miami, Miami Beach, and Coral Gables, as "La Nueva Riviera."

Advertisements for Pan American World Airways, Inc., the premiere airline for travel to and from the Caribbean, appear on the back covers.


  Miami's 50th Anniversary Exhibit (1946). The Miami of Tomorrow, Miami Auditorium, Bayfront Park, Nov. 25 through Dec. 1, 1946: Souvenir Magazine. Miami, Fla: Miami's 50th Anniversary Committee, 1946.

In celebration of the City of Miami's 50th Anniversary, city officials commissioned a major exhibit in 1946. The exhibit celebrated the accomplishments of Miami's pioneers and early leaders. In addition, the exhibit and this catalogue explored the Miami of the future and offered some bold predictions for the Miami of 1996.

A 34-foot scale model of the "Miami of Tomorrow," included such wonders as a "Great Solar Turbo Electric Generating Plant," designed to supply Miami and the surrounding region with cheap power and light; a Riverwalk, with traffic diverted to a series of underpasses; and a great trading center with a landing platform located on the roof to accommodate the airplanes of tomorrow.


  Things to Do and See in Miami. [Miami, Fla.?: s.n., 1946?]

This small publication, a handy item to place in a shirt pocket, offers quick directions to many of the area's favorite tourist sites, including Jai Alai (Hi-Li), as Miami boasted the only fronton in North America to host this Basque game.




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