1930s to Present

Miami, America's Sunshine Capital. Miami, Fla.: City of Miami,1937.

Still resplendent with its vibrant colors, this brochure recycled information on sporting events and outdoor activities used in earlier publications. The inclusion of a tear-out postcard to facilitate the delivery of additional information on local attractions encouraged further consideration of Miami as a tourist Mecca.

Miami, This Summer: How the "Seymores" Found Something New Under the Sun. Miami, Fla.: City of Miami, 1938?

In a play on words, this brochure personalizes the tourist experience by relating the adventures of the "Seymore (See-more) Family," who found a wide variety of recreational pursuits for the entire family, even Uncle Wilbur.


Miami --- Metropolis of the Tropics...Nearer the Sun. Miami, Fla.: City of Miami, 1938.

In 1938, Miami stressed the increasing ease of life in the subtropics, where "it is June all year long." This pamphlet, with a colorful cover and black and white photographs, includes data on expanding transportation connections. Miami is reported to be 8.5 hours from New York City by air, 27 hours by railroad, and 39 hours by bus.

Miami By the Sea: The Land of Palms and Sunshine. Miami, Fla.: Chamber of Commerce, 1919; 1923; 1925; 1926; 1928; and 1930.

Rail, steamer, air routes, and highways all led to Miami, "The Wonder City of the Tropics."  Various individuals described Miami as "the most gorgeous example of upper-class civilization on the planet," as possessing "more than 1,000 miles of smooth rock-based, hard surfaced roads," and "to the individual seeking quietude of mind Miami is almost divine."


Life is Better in Miami. Miami, Fla.: Miami Chamber of Commerce, 1938. 

Miami offered many things to many people, and city officials were always anxious to welcome families.

This 1938 advertisement includes information on the availability of homes, the cost of living, schools, hospitals, and cultural activities. A page of vital statistics proudly announces the average cost of a hotel room at $ 5.00 per day and dinner for $ .50 to $ 1.00.

Miami Tropi-Quiz: Questions Most Frequently Asked about Miami, With Complete Answers on Climate, Recreations, Accommodations, Health, Living & Vacation Costs. Miami, Fla.: Chamber of Commerce, 1939.

This ambitious publication attempted to ask and answer the many questions potential tourists and visitors had about Miami. In response to the question "Are there quiet amusements and diversions -- opportunities for relaxation and rest?"

The answer was, "Yes, there are extensive layouts for shuffleboard, croquet, checkers, and similar games; and there are many quiet, residential sections of the city entirely free from noise and crowds." Needless to say, all questions had positive answers designed to ameliorate any fears or concerns among those unfamiliar with life in Miami.



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