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Miami's International Airport, gateway to Latin American countries
A City of Miami News Bureau photograph of Miami International Airport, showing the Pan American terminal and National Airlines planes. A few travelers walk between the main terminal entrance and the airplanes. Image 32
Airplanes. Airports. Miami International Airport. Pan American World Airways, Inc..

Miami's International Airport
Aerial view of the airport, with Delta and National airplanes in the foreground and tree canopy in the background. Image 33
Airplanes. Airports. Delta Air Lines. Miami International Airport. National Airlines, inc..

Miami terminal of Pan-American Airways
Aerial view of Pan American's Miami airport at Dinner Key on the Bay. Image 34
Airplanes. Airports. Pan American World Airways, Inc..

Giant clipper ships at hangars, Pan-American Airways terminal, Miami, Florida, U. S. Coast Guard Air Base in background
A side view of the terminal building taken from the parking lot, featuring the planes known as "clipper ships." Image 58
Airplanes. Airports. Pan American World Airways, Inc.. United States. Coast Guard -- Buildings.

B-29s and jets
B-29 bombers and jet planes take to the air. Inscription on verso: "27 = B-29s and 12 jets in review at Miami Airport, Florida. First time the public had seen the Jets. 1934 meet." Image 2194

Directional map for reaching Pan American airports at Miami
Directional map for reaching Pan American airports at Miami's Dinner Key. Image 2535
Airports. Pan American World Airways, Inc..

Miami Airport Marriott
Advertising flier for the Miami Airport Marriott Hotel. Image 3951
Hotels. Miami Airport Marriott Hotel.

Letter to J.E. Ingraham, January 22, 1919, concerning Homestead Curtiss Aviation Field
Letter to J.E. Ingraham requesting that the Model Land Company agree to lease property to the town of Homestead for two years with no taxation of Homestead, for the privilege of buying that property afterwards at Ingraham's desired price. The town wished to clear the tract of trees and palmetto in order to allow the Curtiss Aviation School an airfield to land on. Image 4316
Airports. Land use.

Letter from Coffrin to Boyer, August 10, 1943, concerning sale of land to the Government
Letter from Model Land Company sales agent Milo Coffrin to Samuel Boyer of Philadelphia, concerning his property in Homestead. The Government War Department had leased some of his property adjoining the Homestead Airport in order to construct "Perimeter Taxi Ways and hard standings," but it turned out they also dug a canal, which "was detrimental to the property." The advised solution is to sell the canal property to the government. Image 4375
Canals. Land use.

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