The Rare Map Collections


The Special Collections of the University of Miami Libraries houses several collections of rare maps that have been acquired through purchase or donation. Altogether, Special Collections holds more than 3,000 maps, charts, plans, and views including government publications, originally published separately or in books and atlases and later removed by booksellers and sold individually. Along with original maps, the collections includes blueprints, blue line maps, facsimile reprints and photostat maps reproduced from originals located in the Library of Congress, the British Museum and other libraries and museums throughout the world.

The holdings cover nearly all areas of the world, with an emphasis on what was then termed the New World, including Florida, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States. The period covered is from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, and includes works of famous cartographers such as Sanson, Jefferys, Mitchell, Tanner, Moll, Kitchin, and Blaeu. Subjects include history, vegetation, meteorology, and roads, making this a valuable and extensive research collection, ideal for historians, geographers, cartographers, Latin Americanists, Florida specialists and others. Many items are beautifully printed with artistically decorated cartouches, detail, design and color. Please use the menu on the left to learn more about our various collections of rare maps.

The Rare Map Collection was curated and prepared by Olga Espejo. The Web site was placed online March 13, 1997; it was last updated January 30, 2007.