Seminole Wars


Waldman, Carl


This modern map summarizes the main battles of the Three Seminole Wars. The First was 1816-1818 during the Second Spanish Period (1783-1820). The Second was 1835-1842 during the Territorial Period (1821-1845). The Third was 1855-1858 during the Statehood Period (1845-present). It does not show all the skirmishes but it does simplify what is usually very confusing. That is, the exact dates of the beginning or end, all the forts or camps, which belonged to whom, and the most important U.S. Army leaders or battles.
During the 1830s the United States forcibly removed many Indians from various parts of the southeast but many in Florida refused to move to the western U.S. and some just moved to South Florida where they remained.


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