A New and General Map of the Southern Dominions Belonging to The United States of America --- etc. With the Bordering Indian Countries, and The Spanish Possessions of Louisiana and Florida


Romans, Bernard (fl. 1771-1794)


This is an updated version of the original map done by Romans in 1776, and shows the Florida area very accurately. The information was accumulated by Romans during his tenure as a surveyor in the British Period. He worked with DeBrahm, Capt. John Collett, Henry Monzon and others and later continued alone.
The Great Sandy Ridge is shown running down the center of the Peninsula and the St. John's River originating in Lake Mayaco which is too far south. These depictions are quite similar to the John Cary map of 1806 suggesting that Cary may have ""borrowed"" these features from Romans. The area west of Georgia shows many Indian names. All in all the map is quite detailed in the U.S. portion. Insets of Charlestown and St. Augustine contribute to the details.
This map was published by Laurie & Whittle in London in 1794.


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