Dimitris Papamichail


College of Arts and Sciences- Computer Science
Assistant Professor
Faculty Profile 
Phone 305 2844189
Email d.papamichail@miami.edu

Teaching Area: Computer Science

University of Stony Brook
University of Arizona
University of Patras 2007 Ph.D. in Computer Science
1998 M.S. in Computer Science
1996 B.E. in Computer Engineering and Informatics

Project Description:

The objective of my FLC project is to examine the use of technology in enhancing the learning experience of the students and increase the understanding of the material taught.  I will be using the “Bioinformatics Tools” course, which is cross-listed as CSC552 and BIL552 in the Computer Science and Biology departments’ course offerings respectively. This course aims to teach students to effectively use bioinformatics tools for research purposes.

As compared to a traditional course that is often taught, I will perform the following changes:
– Make all material available online through blackboard, including announcements, lecture slides, homeworks, projects, etc. Links to useful resources will be provided in a continuous fashion on a blackboard wiki, where students can add their own discovered resources.
– Hands-on computer labs where students use bioinformatics tools, and procedures are followed concurrently by instructor and students. Further frequent assignments to re-inforce concepts.
– Create a screencast of each lecture, using a tablet laptop and web enabled screencast creation software. The presentations include use of slides and handwritten notes on the tablet. Presentation are made available for student reference.
– A series of small quizzes at the end of each thematic section to evaluate understanding of critical concepts and possibly revisit areas of importance that were not comprehended. The ‘test’ functionality of blackboard will be used for this purpose.
– Students at the middle of the semester will be assigned a bibliography based discovery project, which will involve the exploration of one area in bioinformatics and the best tools available. Students will work in pairs and update their findings in a wiki. The work will be performed and evaluated online, while the progress will be monitored. A screencast will be created by the students for their final presentation.

  For evaluation, students have agreed to take the iCritical test twice during the semester. A survey will be conducted at the end of the semester to determine which technologies the students found useful and benefited from.

FLC course: CSC/BIL552