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A noble instrument should be nobly regarded
(Frederick Zimmermann)

The University of Miami School of Music, the Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library and the International Archive of Double Bass Recordings are pleased to announce a selection of Double Bass MP3 sound files on its website. More than 25 solo double bassists with orchestra or piano will be heard from the archive's CD collection.

The archive's full catalog is listed in the library catalog. Please visit:

Other future programs, will feature other international bass soloists. Also, 20th century music will be better represented.

The following series of downloads represents the first of three programs, each one hour in duration, originally designed for national public radio with the general listener in mind. Contrasting in styles and interesting juxtapositions of works and composers (i.e. Koussevitzky, Sevitzky, Pergolesi, Stravinsky etc.) are characteristic. There is also a sampling of jazz arrangements. Radio announcer Lyn Farmer offers comments on each composition. A basic outline of program one the first of the series, follows.

Technical Note: Please click on the MP3 to stream and play or Right Click (Control-Click Macintosh) to download to your machine and save. The following MP3's were sampled at a constant bit rate of 48kb/s using MPEG 1, Audio Layer 3 compression and are distributed here in 45 second sample clips for the non-commercial and educational listening pleasure of the university of Miami community. To listen or obtain the entire pieces and original higher quality sound CD' and/or volumes 2 and 3 of this program please contact the Music library or links listed at the bottom of this page. A DSL, cable or higher speed modem is recommended.

To listen to this music you need an MP3 player. If you do not have one installed on your machine, you can download a free one here, Winamp (PC) or Quicktime Player (Macintosh).


The Double Bass (Program # 1)

Lyn Farmer, Host, "Announcer"
Dr. Lucas Drew, Series Producer

To play selective tracks click below or Right Click (Control - Click Macintosh) to save selective tracks to your machine.



1) Introduction - "Recitative" from the Symphony #9 - Beethoven, Chicago Symphony Orchestra under Fritz Reiner (MP3)

2. Paganini "Variations on Theme from Paganini's Moses in Egypt" (MP3)
Gary Karr, Double Bass, Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

3. Talk (MP3)

4. Frank Proto "A Carmen Fantasy" (Toreador Song) (MP3)
Francois Rabbath, Double Bass

5. Talk (MP3)

6. Serge Koussevitzky "Valse Miniature" (MP3)
Gary Karr, Double Bass

7. Talk (MP3)
8. Fabian Sevitzky "A Nocturne" (MP3)
Lucas Drew, Double Bass
9. Talk (MP3)
10. Franz Schubert "Andantino from the Trout Quintet" (MP3)
IV. Theme with Variations , James Van, Demark, Double Bassist
11.Talk (MP3)

12. Edgar Meyer "The Great Green Sea Snake" (MP3)
Edgar Meyer, Double Bass

13. Talk (MP3)
14. Giovanni Batista Pergolesi "Sinfonia in F Major - IV Finale" (MP3)
Lucas Drew, Double Bass
15. Talk (MP3)
16. Igor Stravinsky "The Vivo' from Pulcinella Suite" (Variations) (MP3)
Christopher Brown, Fred Bretschger (Double Bassists)
St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
17. Talk (MP3)

18. Giovanni Bottesini "Grand Duo Concertant' for Violin and Double Bass" (MP3)
Jose Luis Garcia, Violin, Thomas Martin, Double Bass
English Chamber Orchestra

19. Talk and Outro (Stravinsky - Pulcinella Suite) (MP3)  

Through the web the International Archive of Double Bass recordings of the University of Miami School of Music is pleased to share its collection with the world.

The music library houses a lot of double bass music, including the Frederick Zimmermann Memorial Collection. The catalog of all music and recordings is available through Ibisweb.



Nancy Zavac, Project Coordinator. Lyn Farmer and Lucas Drew, Audio and music introductions. Richard Howell - Mastering of Programs from DAT to CD. Ray Uzwyshyn - web development and design, conversion of Files from CD to MP3, audio editing.



St. Francis Music Publications (, Lucas Drew, Editor. Music for Double Bass, string instruments, etc.