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"This spring of 1887 it was apparent that the Bay could provide all the boats necessary for a yacht-race, and it was decided to celebrate Washington's Birthday with an open regatta...It was a success in every way. Thus began organized aquatic sportsā€¦
The Cuban caricaturist Silvio Fontanillas (1913?-2000) prepared this cartoon most likely for the newsletter Oportunidades. It depicts the difficulties that many Cuban refugees faced in finding housing in crowded Miami.
This flyer urged cities in the U.S. to sponsor Cuban refugees, highlighting various Cubans who were contributing successfully in their new communities.
Original Manuscript of newspaper published at the Kilo and Charlie camp from 1994-11-20 to 1995-09-10.
A collection of the comic strip published in 1995 in the base newspaper collection of cartoons published in the ¿Que Pasa? newspaper, 1995.
The Program also issued Resettlement Re-Cap to encourage communities outside of South Florida to sponsor Cuban Refugees as well as report on the efforts of its resettlement division. Sponsorship required employers or community groups to provideā€¦
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