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back cover image from New Horizons, Vol. 12, No. 11, August 1942. Text reads: "Today, as the United Nations build steadily and surely towards ultimate victory, Pan American is glad that the "know how", personnel and facilities it developed during 15…
Page 11 of Pan Am Clipper, Vol. 6, No. 1-2, January 1980 illustrating the history of Pan Am's various employee uniforms for flight attendants
page 20 of Pan American World Airways Annual Report for 1968. Upper right caption reads: "Supersonic flight is part of the future. Shown here is the Anglo-French Concorde, scheduled to be flight tested this year. The Concorde will be the first…
This flyer urged cities in the U.S. to sponsor Cuban refugees, highlighting various Cubans who were contributing successfully in their new communities.
Article and images on page 5 of Sales Clipper, Vol. 17, No. 7, July 1959 illustrating Pan American Airways' new uniforms for flight attendants in the Jet Age
Image from page 2 of brochure entitled "Pan American World Airways Introduces Another First in Air Travel Comfort...The Sleeperette Compartment" containing tourist information about interior aircraft amenities. Caption reads: "The Sleeperette gives…
"World's Most Experienced Airline", image from back cover of Pan American World Airways Annual Report for 1962
Original Manuscript of newspaper published at the Kilo and Charlie camp from 1994-11-20 to 1995-09-10.
A collection of the comic strip published in 1995 in the base newspaper collection of cartoons published in the ¿Que Pasa? newspaper, 1995.
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