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  • Collection: Cleared to Land: The Records of the Pan American World Airways, Inc.
Pages 8-9 of Pan Am Clipper [newspaper], Vol. 6, No. 7, July 1980 illustrating Pan Am's new employee uniforms designed for 1980.
Image from page 2 of "Wings Over the World: Pan American World Airways Annual Report for 1950"
image from cover of Pan American Air Ways, suppelement entitled "The Yankee Clippers Sail Again", March 1939.
image from page 12 of Pan American Air Ways, Supplement 1, 1935. Various parts and are labelled in caption.
Image of blurb from page 3 of Flight Service Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 6, July 1967.
back cover image from New Horizons, Vol. 12, No. 11, August 1942. Text reads: "Today, as the United Nations build steadily and surely towards ultimate victory, Pan American is glad that the "know how", personnel and facilities it developed during 15…
page 20 of Pan American World Airways Annual Report for 1968. Upper right caption reads: "Supersonic flight is part of the future. Shown here is the Anglo-French Concorde, scheduled to be flight tested this year. The Concorde will be the first…
Image from page 1 of Classroom Clipper, Vol. IV, No. 1, Oct. 1947. Caption reads: "Two routes are followed by the FLYING CLIPPERS in service around the world to and from the United States, one via Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, and the other via…
Frontside of boarding pass envelope from 1942
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