Creation of this bibliography was generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship in Latin American Research Librarianship at Perkins Library, Duke University during 2000-2001. My thanks go to the entire staff and faculty of the International Studies Department at Perkins who advised and encouraged me throughout the year and particularly to Hortensia Calvo who mentored my work. At the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, I am also indebted to Lou Perez and Lars Schoultz for their enthusiasm about the project

 The bibliography would have existed only as an ever-increasing EndNote file were it not for colleagues at Richter Library at the University of Miami who convinced me to pause and publish. I thank them for their good sense and comradeship. Jane Schillie was a relentless advocate and believer. Lyn MacCorkle created the virtual vehicle that holds the bibliography and gently insisted on an attractive and functional site. The continuing selection and annotations as well as any flaws in the materials are mine alone.

Holly Ackerman