A Market Woman, Jamaica

Location: Jamaica


This Jamaican woman from Henderson's The West Indies is clothed head to toe, like the man from St. Thomas, in a white garment, this time a dress rather than a robe, made of cotton or some other light fabric. The top of the dress looks like a European style man's shirt, with buttons and collar. Again, however, we see the mixture of the clothing style of two cultures in her headwear. The turban like wrap on her head is clearly not European and is probably a style brought over from Africa, because we see nothing quite like that in the native dress in South America.

The figure stands upright, looking forward, as if the image were one for which she had posed. Her long dress fits European standards of dress, but the material makes it more practical in a climate where the natives at one time went around practically nude. The most interesting aspect of course is still in the influence and combination of the two (possible more) cultures coming together in a single figure's dress.

Book Title: The West Indies

Plate Number: Page 40

Call Number: F1871 .H47

Ibis: http://ibisweb.miami.edu/record=b2263714~S6