Kimala Bennett

"It has to be believable" is the motto that repeatedly runs through the twenty-four year old film director  Kimala Bennett ‘s mind whenever she is doing a music video, documentary or any other video production
Kimala has recently completed her degree in Psychology with a minor in film studies at Mount Holyoke College and is now aiming to be one of the best directors in the film fraternity.
Kimala got her first taste of directing music videos when she came back to Jamaica to do a documentary on Nanny of the Maroons which was funded through the summer research scholarship at Mount Holyoke College.

After the completion of her documentary she thought it would be a good opportunity   to utilize her skills to direct a music video for her brother Nicky B, an up and coming dancehall singer, with virtually no budget. The video was an instant hit with the teenage audience in Jamaica and launched Nicky B’s career in a serious way.
After graduating form Mount Holyoke College  Kimala interned at  HSI productions one of the leading Music Video/commercial companies in Los Angeles where she had the opportunity to work with the likes of Paul Hunter, Little X, and Chris Robinson.  Having worked with some of the big guns in the business Kimala realizes that she still has a lot to learn and she also knows now that this is what she wants to do with the rest of her life.
To date Kimala has directed ten music videos including one for Atlantic recording artist Baby Cham .
Kimala is presently directing a documentary on music video director Hype Williams and will be on set with him in South Africa next year for his second feature film. (Content provided by Kimala Bennett 2008)