Carolina Vasquez

Carolina Vasquez

Carolina Vasquez works with audiovisual media to explore such themes as gender roles, citizenship and personal stories.



Carolina Vasquez

Carolina Vasquez was born on September 21, 1982 in the Dominican Republic, to Dominican and Colombian parents. Her childhood and upbringing was in Miami. She is a multi-media artist and informed by scientific research that is closely linked with human behavior. Her work investigates gender roles, citizenship and personal stories. Her desire for inventing, creating, and building imaginary, fantasy worlds is what is repeatedly expressed.  The work takes upon the form of experimental photography, stop motion animation, video, and sound. Currently, she lives and works in London, where she is pursuing and MFA at The Slade School of Fine Arts. 

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Carolina Vasquez

Group Exhibitions

Slade Postgraduates, Interim Show, Woburn Studios, London, October 2007

TRACE, recent works from Slade Postgraduates, Woburn Studios, London, May 2007

Design IT Technology 2007 Competition and Exhibition, in collaboration with Microsoft , An innovative way to make a difference, London May 2007

Gillette Max 3 video screening, Slade Gallery, April 2007

TURTLE image text  music: a collaboration with Michael H Shamberg's anarchic salon, video installation, Woburn Studios, London, March 2007 

Farren of the Sea, Film Screening, Animation Festival, Asheville, NC USA,  May 2006

Farren of the Sea, Film Screening, National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas, February 2006

Art Miami, Diaspora Vibe artists, Miami Beach Convention Center, January 2006

Diaspora Vibe Annex (downstairs), Animation Stills, Miami, USA , Dec. - Jan. 2006 

FSU Museum, BFA Graduating Artists, Tallahassee, USA, July - Aug 2005

New Works Show, BFA Warehouse, First Fridays, Tallahassee, USA,  Jan. - Aug. 2005  

Video Works

Children's Behavior, Directed, Filmed, Edited, London, 2007
Us + Everything=, Directed, Filmed, Edited, London,  2007

Working Pain, Directed, Filmed, Edited, London, 2006
Catered Creations,Filmed and Edited, Miami, 2006
Goofer Dust Performance Installation Documentation, Filmed and Edited, Miami, 2006
The International Artists Biennale Documentation, Filmed and Co-Edited, Nassau, 2006

Farren of the Sea: Directed, Produced, Designed and Built Sets, Filmed and Animated, Tallahassee, 2005 

Professional Arts - Related Experience

2007 - Sales & Distribution, Lumina Films, London,

2005 - Present, New media, Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Miami, Creation of posters, exhibition invitations, and catalogs. 

2005 - Lighting, Cirque du Soleil, Varekai, Miami

2003-2005  Photography Manager, FSU Photography Lab, Tallahassee 


English, Spanish, and French 


Slade School of Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts, Fine Art Media, London, UK,  2008

Florida State University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Art, Tallahassee, USA,  2005

[Content provided by Carolina Vasquez]

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Carolina Vasquez

Gender roles, citizenship and personal stories are where my image making has evolved. I am a multi-media artist and informed by scientific research that is closely linked with human behavior. The process of invention is integral to my work and through this I create and manipulate images. I will continue to experiment and rethink the given norms of an artistic society, which will enable me to fuel my creativity. I feel that film, video, and newer technologies are not simply techniques, but the defining elements of our culture and society. I aim for my art to extend into an imaginary realm, crossing the boundaries of what has already been achieved. I will continue to gain an understanding of the complexities of process, expression, and representation. The essence of my work is revolved around fact, fiction, and fantasy and the work takes upon the form of experimental photography, stop motion animation, video, and sound. My art grows from chaotic concepts and takes upon the role of a narrative story, exploring areas where space, image, time: physical and virtual intersect. I explore the underlying methodological and social, political, and cultural issues brought to light by the use of emerging technologies. Throughout the process I use simulation techniques, with the interaction of electronic and physical forms of modeling. [Content provided by Carolina Vasquez]

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