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The Florida Postcard Collection in the Special Collections Division of the University of Miami Libraries contains approximately 5,000 postcards of Florida buildings, landmarks, cities and towns, tourist attractions, and other views.

The Collection includes postcards from all areas of the state, although the majority of images relate to the South Florida region. Postcards offer a unique and colorful representation of Florida. Many images depict buildings, structures, and scenes no longer in existence. The subject matter of postcards also offers important insights into the social and cultural attitudes of the time.

The postcards selected for this presentation are all of scenes in the greater Miami area. For additional postcards and other resources from the University of Miami Special Collections Division on the South Florida, visit Travel, Tourism, and Urban Growth in Greater Miami: A Digital Archive, a scholarly archive created by Robin Bachin, the Charlton W. Tebeau Associate Professor of History at the University of Miami.

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