Amos Beebe Eaton:

A Soldier's Journal of the Second Seminole Indian War

American Memory: Library of Congress
Use "Seminole Indians" as a search term from the homepage. You will find maps, photographs, audio files, government documents, and other resources related to the Seminole Indians.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida
A site dedicated to the rich history and culture of the Florida Seminole Indians.

John Horse and the Black Seminoles, the first Black Rebels to beat American Slavery

Black Seminoles in Texas and Mexico
Black Seminole women and contemporary Black Seminoles in Mexico and Texas to be used as a curriculum supplument on diversity.

The Black Seminoles' Long March to Freedom
Presentation of an exhibit displayed in Cohen Library of The City College during Black History Month, February 1998.

The Gullah
Rice, Slavery, and the Sierra Leone-American Connection

Everglades Digital Library
The Everglades Digital Library is a comprehensive portal to high-quality Internet resources relating to the south FLorida environment.